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 About Wishin

About Wishin

So, you’re window shopping online and see something you like, but you’re not convinced and want to mull it over. What do you do? Physically write down the store you saw it in? Copy and paste the link into an email and send it to yourself? Add the page to your favorites tab? NO LONGER!!!

Now with one click of our bookmarking tool you can add all the details of the item to your wishin account. You’ll have a large quality image, description and price as well as the URL to get you back to where you saw it. You can organise and compare all you find online in one place. Then you can rate, tag and comment on items.

Sounds interesting? This isn’t even the best bit. wishin is social. If you want it to be! You can connect with your friends and create lists or events together. That’s right! Plan the perfect holiday with your mates; organise a great hen weekend; make a list of birthday presents you and your sister could buy your Dad; decide what furniture you and your flat mate want to buy for your new flat. No longer will you have to organise a holiday or buy a sofa off the back of a long string of emails with links.

Alternatively you can use wishin to ask advice – ask the girls which dress you should buy for that night out; or ask your mate Dave which car he thinks looks like the best bet; etc. You could even create lists of presents you would like to receive!

How does it work?

Just sign up, add our bookmarking tool and create some lists. Then get out there explore the internet – find what you like and add it to your list using the bookmarking tool. Once you have signed up there is a step by step guide to walk you through the features and functions of the site.

Private vs Public (and sharing with your mates)

It seems that everything is now shared on the internet. Sometimes with complete disregard to user’s privacy preferences. We understand that buying decisions are most often very private. That’s why the default setting of each list you create is private – you and only you can access your lists. Of course, each list you create can be changed to have different privacy settings.

As detailed above, we believe sharing with your mates is a huge benefit, enabling you to make joint decisions and get opinions from people you know and trust. If you choose this option on a list only these people will be able to either see or collaborate on this list. They will have no access to all your other private lists or lists shared with other friends.

Of course there are plenty of peacocks out there who like to show off their feathers, so you can always choose to make your lists public and let the whole world see them. Hey, you might create a following…

Sounds good? Well sign up then…and tell your buddies about it.

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